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The challenge

The evolving landscape of university infrastructure and the looming risk for StREAM.

Student drop-out rates have serious financial implications for universities. StREAM, a learning analytics tool by Solutionpath, identifies students disengaging from their studies, enabling universities to intervene timely.

The learning analytics platform clocks the students who’ve stopped attending lectures, accessing resources and visiting university buildings, so they can be offered the support they need to continue their studies effectively.

But as universities began to prioritize cloud infrastructure over on-premise solutions, Solutionpath perceived a threat to StREAM's relevance and future prospects.

Embracing the cloud seemed the evident next step. But with migration comes complexity. How to seamlessly transition StREAM to the cloud?

The proposition

Migrating to a cloud-based future.

Universities like the cloud. It eases their administrative burden due to administrative ease, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. A lot of universities are now also mandating that any solutions they use are cloud hosted. This meant that StREAM risked obsolescence if it remained server-bound.

The solution was clear: migrate StREAM to the cloud. A mutual introduction led Solutionpath to Isotoma. Being an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we proposed re-platforming StREAM for optimisation in a cloud-based environment without drastic changes to its core software.

The project journey

A calculated transition with expertise at the helm.

The re-platforming began in May 2020 and was implemented in a leading Russell Group university by February 2021.

The journey was mostly smooth, save for the last-minute need for Shibboleth integration. Leveraging our experience with higher education institutions, we addressed this seamlessly, preventing any delays.

We also provided Solutionpath with comprehensive training and support to harness the full power of their new AWS infrastructure including:

  • Introduction to management and navigation
  • Onboarding of users
  • Showing them how to get the best out of it

Even experienced developer teams need support navigating the unfamiliar world of AWS, so this additional training and contact helped build their knowledge and confidence in the new system.

The impact

A revitalised platform for an evolving academic ecosystem.

By moving StREAM from an on-premise server application into the cloud, it’s future-proofed for both universities and Solutionpath, solidifying its market position.

Universities now have an easy-to-adopt, efficient tool that aligns with their cloud-first approach, allowing them an assured way of improving student engagement using dedicated learning analytics.

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