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The challenge

Scaling robust, data-intensive software in real-time.

Ecrebo, a leader in point-of-sale marketing software, caters to heavyweight retailers including Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Pandora and Dixons Carphone.

With multiple retailer databases – some exceeding 1TB in size – growing at an average of 10GB a day, Ecrebo needed a robust, scalable infrastructure with the flexibility to support the growth of the business. And with many clients operating 24/7, downtime wasn’t an option.

How can you move data mountains, ensuring consistent uptime, affordability, and efficiency?

The proposition

To achieve the level of personalisation expected by its clients, Ecrebo’s OnPoint platform must poll substantial customer databases before deciding which offer to produce, all before the customer’s card provider has completed the transaction.

For Ecrebo to affordably scale the infrastructure in line with its business growth plans, while retaining the speed and quality of their real-time data processing, they needed to leave the traditional co-location data centre behind and move to the cloud.

AWS recommended us for the job alongside a pool of other agencies, and our collaborative, consultative approach set us apart from the competition.

The project journey

We worked quickly to understand Ecrebo’s solution, service and infrastructure before advising the team on the best migration method.

The new system had to facilitate sophisticated reporting, while preserving the performance of live data ingestion. Using AWS, it’s simple and cost-effective to set up duplicate servers for reporting purposes. That meant Ecrebo could provide genuine insights – without jeopardising the performance of OnPoint’s real-time data processing.

The project’s largest risk was identified early in the consultation process. While AWS’ database migration tools are ideal in almost all use-cases, the unique design of Ecrebo’s data stores meant that Amazon’s out-of-the-box solution wouldn’t get the job done.

We consulted with the team to prepare a meticulous migration strategy that would account for the idiosyncrasies of the infrastructure and make sure the process was trouble-free. Minimising service interruptions for round-the-clock retailers was also a top priority. The robust plan, together with clear, consistent communications, resulted in a nimble migration, free from disruption.

The impact

The OnPoint system found its new home in the AWS cloud – resilient, adaptable, and even more efficient. So, when it comes to substantial database migrations, mountains can, in fact, be moved.

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Case study

NOW That’s What I Call AWS Infrastructure!

As the world pivoted from tangible albums to digital streaming, Now That’s What I Call Music! faced the challenge of the age - scaling up without skipping a beat. The mission was clear: restructure Now Music Plus to cater to a burgeoning user base and withstand peak demands.

By fusing our deep AWS knowledge with a fresh microservice approach, we ensured the iconic brand remained a chart-topper in the digital era.

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