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The Benefits of a Software-First Approach

When you’re choosing a partner to help migrate your applications and data to the cloud you want to be sure they have the right expertise for the job. 

Most migration partners will demonstrate their experience with great case studies to convince you they’re the team to choose. And there’s no reason why an agency with a strong resumé and considerable cloud experience wouldn’t be able to do the job. In fact, there’s a good change that they’d do a great job. But that’s not how we look at things.

Unlike many cloud migration experts and AWS Consulting Partners we have a background in software, not IT operations. Whereas many organisations approach migrations as an ops challenge we think they’re software projects.

And that gives us a few advantages.


Better Understand Your Requirements

Because we’re developers at heart we’re able to intimately understand the requirements of your applications. We’re also well aware that you may, at first, be hesitant to transition from a traditional server infrastructure to a cloud-based solution. 

With this understanding we’re able to explain the exact benefits you’ll experience by moving to the cloud, and can create an infrastructure that meets the specific needs of your software.


Creating Bespoke Solutions

With our software-first approach to migrations we’re going to build the cloud architecture and migration tooling that satisfies your requirements and allows you to get the best from AWS. If you need an unusual infrastructure or your data migrations are a bit hairy, our developers are the right team to create, test, and implement a bespoke solution.


Identifying and Mitigating Potential Issues

Unlike companies with a background in IT operations we approach cloud migration services as a software-based challenge. This perspective allows us to identify and mitigate potential issues before they materialise. So rather than discovering problems after the migration is complete we’re able to counteract them during the process.


Using Software Expertise to Help Ecrebo

In 2018, Ecrebo, a provider of point-of-sale marketing software for major retailers, faced a considerable challenge: moving a huge amount of data from their co-located servers to the cloud. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Isotoma was one of a number of partners that Amazon recommended to Ecrebo and, because of our collaborative, consultative approach, we were their first choice.

Not many AWS Consulting Partners have a background in software; they’re usually involved in IT operations. As software experts we understood exactly what Ecrebo’s unique case needed — a bespoke solution. The Isotoma team had the expertise to develop the migration tooling that supported their mountain of data and the architecture that could strengthen their application.


Choose Software Specialists

With our experience and expertise in cloud computing and our knowledge and background in software development we’re able to take on migrations of all sizes and deliver bespoke solutions.

If you want to find out how our software-first approach will help your company get the most from its migration to the cloud, get in touch with the Isotoma team today.