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Collaboration Makes for Successful Migrations

The migration of your application to the cloud could be a turning point for your company. As you leave the server room behind and no longer have to shoulder hosting responsibilities you have more time to concentrate on your products’ roadmap.

If you’re working with cloud computing experts on the migration but still have an in-house team of developers it’s important to choose a partner that understands the value of collaboration


The Problems with Resisting Collaboration

The success of your migration relies on your in-house team and the partner having the same motivation — doing what’s best for you and your software. That means working together before, during, and after the migration.

Many agencies are used to working alone and some see the involvement of an in-house dev team as a nuisance. As a result they may be reluctant to collaborate with your team; instead preferring to get the migration done fast and hand the cloud infrastructure over to you.

Where does that leave you? Well, it could cause a number of problems:

  • Your new cloud infrastructure is not suitable for your software.
  • Your developers may be unfamiliar with cloud architecture and thus unable to develop the software as planned.
  • You are now in the cloud but don’t know how to make use of its many features and benefits.
  • Your developers no longer feel in control of the software.


The Power of Collaboration

With that in mind, finding a partner that’s committed to collaborating with your in-house developers is worth its weight in gold. Here’s why.

  • They’ll begin by consulting with your in-house team during the planning process; working together to decide how best to migrate the software and host it in the cloud. After all your developers know the software better than anyone so their input in the migration is an important step to achieving a smooth and successful move.
  • During the process of building the cloud infrastructure a collaborative partner will provide regular updates on progress and keep in touch with your developers.
  • Then, once the migration is complete, they’ll complete a handover with your team, walking them through their new architecture and explaining to you about the benefits of being in the cloud.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free life in the cloud make sure the partner you choose can provide a 24/7 managed service. That way you’ll have the peace of mind that they’re always available when you need them.


Collaborating with Sony Music

When Sony Music needed an improved cloud infrastructure for their music streaming service, NOW Music Plus, they got in touch with Isotoma. From the beginning of the process we worked closely with NOW’s development team, including hosting daily consultations, to identify the best approach to migrating and hosting the app.

We provided support to the NOW team throughout the project and launch, and continue to provide a 24/7 managed service that gives NOW ongoing support.


A Partner Committed to Your Success

Migrating to the cloud can be a simple process, when you choose the right partner, or a complicated one if you don’t. A partner that collaborates with your team and is committed to helping you achieve your goals will guide you through a smooth migration.

If you’re looking to move to the cloud and you don’t want it to be a headache for you or your developers we’d love to work with you so get in touch with the Isotoma team today.