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What to Look for in an Agency During a Pitch

Finding an agency that’s right for the job can be a challenge. 

It’s one that many companies solve by carrying out a pitch process, where agencies have to present their solutions and explain why they’re the right team for the project.

While agencies can become adept at pitching over time, there are many telltale signs companies can use to inform their decision.

To make sure you choose the right agency during your pitch process, here’s what you should be looking for.

An Agency That’s Enthusiastic

You’re no doubt passionate about the project and excited for the work to be completed, so it’s important that the agency matches your enthusiasm. By assessing how eager the developers are to take on the project, you can separate those who want the payday from those who are genuinely excited to be involved.

An Agency That Asks Questions

No agency arrives at a pitch knowing if their offering is right for you, so beware those who pretend to. You want the agency that you work with to be fiercely inquisitive at this stage, asking in-depth questions about everything from your strategic aims to your working culture. 

You also need to consider that agencies who do extensive ‘spec’ work before a pitch need to cover the costs of those pitches they didn’t win, so whatever they charge you will have those costs built in. 

An Agency with Expertise

One of the biggest reassurances that you’re choosing the right agency is their portfolio of work. If they’ve completed similar work before, they’re already well-suited to your project. But what really matters is the quality of their output. If an agency can demonstrate that they achieve great results no matter what they’re working on, they’re worth your consideration.

An Agency That Knows the Way

We’ve mentioned the dangers of agencies arriving with a fully-formed plan; it will be based on guesswork and isn’t likely to survive contact with the reality of your needs. 

If an agency has the right experience and expertise to handle your project, they should be able to explain the steps and methods they would use to complete it during the pitch process. 

You can make an informed decision based on this and their existing portfolio; the time to dig into the detail comes later.

A Winning Pitch for Sony Music

In 2017, thanks to our partnership with AWS, we were asked to pitch our services to Sony Music to build and deploy a new, stronger AWS infrastructure for NOW Music Plus.

We went to the pitch with the aim of understanding the problem Sony Music was facing and how we could best solve it. Sony appreciated our customary no-nonsense approach, our curiosity for the challenge, and our ability to demonstrate our expertise.

As a result, they asked us to take on the job, and the Isotoma team constructed and launched an AWS infrastructure that supports NOW Music Plus in performing efficiently under heavy demand and serving its rapidly growing user base.

Perfect Project Pitches

The Isotoma team loves a challenge, and when we’re motivated for a project, we’re happy to invest the time and resources necessary to deliver an end result that solves the client’s problems.

If you have a challenging project you’d like us to pitch for, or you’d like to skip the pitch process and work with us directly, we’d be delighted to discuss it with you, so get in touch with us today.