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Trust in the Developers You Choose

When faced with a complex and challenging development project, most companies are not equipped with the specialist knowledge or expertise to carry it out. The answer is to hire developers who possess the necessary skills to plan and deliver the bespoke solution you need.

However, some companies find transferring their project to an external agency difficult; a test of trust that they are not able to pass. The result is an uncomfortable relationship between the client and the developers that causes frustration, slows productivity, and extends the duration of the project.

It is only natural to have some concerns about your project; after all, your company will have invested a lot in it. But how do you quell your worries and learn to trust your developers? The answer lies in choosing the right people.

Do Your Due Diligence

You can learn an awful lot about software developers by carrying out some online research. By taking a look at their website, you will see examples of their previous work and begin to understand where their expertise lies. Ask yourself if they produce results that meet your standards, and if their portfolio demonstrates an aptitude in work similar to your project.

It is, however, important to look beyond the material they are in direct control of. No company is going to promote negativity surrounding their work, manner, or customer service, so make use of review sites, such as Clutch, and learn about the experiences of others who have worked with the firm.

Finding developers with positive reviews, an impressive portfolio of work, and expertise in the areas most applicable to your project is sure to ease your concerns and begin to sow the seeds of trust.

Meet in Person

The next step to putting your faith in the developers is to meet them in person. A strong, collaborative working relationship is the foundation of any successful project, and that is what you should be looking to nurture even at this early stage. The face-to-face meeting is also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the company and their values, ethos, culture, and working methods.

While valuable insights can be gained through direct questioning, they can also be ascertained by evaluating the developers’ actions. Do they seem interested in your project? Are they asking questions and taking notes or just listening to you speak? Are they generous with their time, or do they appear keen to end the meeting as soon as possible?

Developers who care about their work use these meetings to determine whether the project is something that interests them and motivates them to produce their best work. When a team of developers is passionate about your project and willing to spend their time discussing it, you will feel confident that they are the right choice for you, too.

Set out the Project

The final step to building trust in your developers is to make sure you have a shared understanding of the project and key issues such as: what the current challenge is, what the solution is, how the solution will be developed, and when the project is due for completion. Forging such a deep-rooted understanding requires time, communication from both sides, and patience.

Good developers will look to put the project in context, asking you questions to learn the exact problem you are currently experiencing and what that means for your team or your customers. They will then take this information, establish exactly what the solution is, and present it to you, along with an outline of how the development will progress and an estimate for completion.

Consider this the foundation of the project which ensures both you and the developers are on the same page. A shared starting position and an agreed outline for progress provides the framework for a successful project and leaves you with no reason to distrust the developers you have chosen.

Trusted by the BBC

In May 2017, Isotoma embarked on one of the most challenging short-term projects we’ve ever undertaken. It involved working with BBC R&D (research and development) to build a front-end application that interfaces with IP Studio’s back-end services; in other words, a vision mixer that works in a web browser.

The project posed a variety of challenges and obstacles, not least juggling the technical and commercial priorities BBC R&D had explained to us. However, they showed great trust and confidence in our developers to make the right decisions for the overall project. With license to dictate the development, and with the backing of the client, we produced a fantastic application that was used at the Edinburgh Festival to broadcast live television and looks set to revolutionise the industry.

Make the Right Choice; Choose Isotoma

Finding developers you believe in can take some time. A few unsuccessful meetings and conversations may leave you thinking that there’s no one suitable for the job —but you’d be wrong.

The Isotoma team is vastly experienced in taking on challenging requirements, working with the client to structure the project, regularly communicating updates, and delivering an end result that exceeds expectations. If you want to work with developers you can trust, contact Isotoma today.