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Make a Change When It Is Necessary, Not When It Feels Right

The insatiable desire to modernise, upgrade, or simply keep up with the Joneses leads many businesses to make damaging, costly decisions. When it comes to changing software, a substantial investment is required — in terms of time, money, and resources. If there’s no real advantage to switching software, this investment is a heavy burden to bear.

Change for change’s sake is never a good idea. In fact, it’s a terrible idea. Businesses would never employ staff they don’t need or move to a new location without reason; so why do they feel obliged to fork out for new software when it simply isn’t necessary?

This isn’t to say that changing software is always a bad idea. When it is necessary, converting to a new system can rejuvenate a business. The most important thing is knowing when to make the change.

Bad Reasons for Making a Change

Your Competitors Are Changing

It is always wise to monitor your competitors and industry trends, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow them. Trends often develop when a market leader takes an action and other businesses blindly follow them because of their reputation. If these alterations do not produce worthwhile benefits for your company, disregard them.

New Software Has Been Released

Doing your due diligence is important when a new software hits the market. The customary new-product buzz will cause a lot of businesses to invest without knowing how much of a boost, if at all, the change will give their company. Don’t be drawn in by the shiny new software.

You Haven’t Changed in a While

The speed at which technology and software have advanced in recent years is astonishing. That doesn’t mean, however, that your software has a shelf life. Even if your software has been in place for many years, if it still facilitates your processes and offers the features that your business needs to operate efficiently, a change is not necessarily essential.

Good Reasons for Making a Change

Current Software Doesn’t Meet Your Users’ Needs

In many industries, the needs of customers are always changing. The challenge for businesses is to keep up. When first introduced, your current software may have been perfect for the user, offering every feature they needed. Now, however, if users are in need of something different, you might need to consider changing to a more suitable alternative.

New Software Will Improve Your Processes

Yes, we’ve said you should be wary of following an industry trend and that new software doesn’t always mean better software … but sometimes it does. The responsibility your business has is identifying if the features of the new software will improve the efficiency of your work or prove beneficial for your customers. If you believe that it will, then you can start working out the finances.

Current Software Has Become Slow and Outdated

As software ages, it can deteriorate. The signs of aging including longer load times, slower processing, and increased occurrences of faults and errors. It is usually clear when software is having an adverse effect on users or your company. Most of the time, these changes are difficult to reverse, meaning a switch to new software is the most effective solution.

Making a Productive Change for The Key

At Isotoma, we aren’t fans of change for change’s sake. Instead, we follow the principle that something should only be reworked if the changes solve a problem or deliver a clear improvement on the status quo.

However, in 2016, while working with our long-time client The Key, we recognised that transforming their program was necessary. The Key needed to present new types of information in new ways. We quickly recognised that the answer was switching to a better content management system; one which identified how people were actually using it.

The result was a valuable source of information that is indispensable for school leaders across the country and ready to adapt to their ever-changing needs.

When Change Is Needed, Give Us a Call

Your business should never seek to make a change without first having the evidence that it is a productive move for your business. But, when you have identified the benefits that will come with altering your software, you shouldn’t wait to start the process.

Our team is passionate about the quality of the work we do, and the way we do it. Isotoma will work with you throughout the process to make sure that a change in your software delivers results. When you want to update your software, get in touch with the Isotoma team.