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Fulfil Your Potential with Isotoma

At Isotoma, we don’t believe that your job should be your life. Life is about your passions. But, when you combine one of your passions with your work, the results are inspiring.

We are a close-knit, friendly, and enthusiastic group of developers, testers, user experience experts, and project managers who love what we do. Passion is the driving force behind our work. When projects get tough, it is our love of software and our desire to succeed that pulls us through.

If you too are passionate about your work and looking for an opportunity to thrive in a team of like-minded professionals, Isotoma could be the company for you.

Quality in All Departments

We’re passionate about the quality of the things we make and the way we go about making them. The people we work with — both clients and team members — are central to everything we do. We want to help them achieve success that’s meaningful to them; whether that means an improved bottom line, delighted customers, career progression, or a better work/life balance.

A Conscientious Employer

An environment conducive to productivity and free from distractions is necessary to facilitate concentration and the best results. That is why we strive to maintain the best working environment possible for our wonderful staff.

Isotoma is also a family-friendly employer. Our staff receive many perks, including flexible working hours and a health plan. All of these benefits are focused on ensuring that our staff are able to get the best out of everything they do.

A City of Beauty and History

Routinely recognised as one of the most beautiful and desirable UK cities to live in, York is the place that Isotoma calls home. From the ancient cobbles of the Shambles to the iconic minister, York is a city brimming with beauty and history. Your journey to and from our office in the centre of the city will make even the dullest of weather seem irrelevant.

Modern, Comfortable Offices

The Isotoma offices are designed to help everyone concentrate. They are quiet, clean, and friendly; modern but characterful; and ideally located in the centre of York. Of course, no one can concentrate for hours on end. That’s why our offices offer lots of space for stand-ups and impromptu meetings, as well as a larger space for formal meetings. Communication is facilitated by Slack, so you can mute your colleagues when you’re on a roll, and we limit the amount of phones to one per desk cluster.

The Position for You

The roles available at Isotoma vary greatly. Currently, we are looking for two talented developers as well as two junior developers as we expand our team. There is also an opportunity for an enthusiastic junior web designer to join the Isotoma family.

If you want to know more about any of our current vacancies, visit our website’s job page.

“So, when do I start?”

To apply for one of our vacancies, send an email to clearly stating the role you are applying for. Please include a CV as well as any examples of your work that you feel may be relevant to the position.

We look forward to hearing from you!