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Maximising Efficiency with Tailored Solutions

In the case of a tennis player working on their backhand, or a singer practicing their latest hit, repetition is an act of refinement used to improve performance. However, when repetitive tasks form part of a company’s workflow, they actually have the opposite effect.

These repetitive tasks are often small, and it can be easy to overlook their impact. That’s when problems occur. Their cumulative effect can be seriously damaging to the productivity and efficiency of your business and its staff. These tasks elongate processes which could otherwise be completed much faster.

So, what’s the solution? How do you remove these tiresome and time-consuming tasks from your workflow? The answer is automation.

Join the Automation Revolution

Generally speaking, automation improves the efficiency of any process. It means relying less on human input, and having a system in place that routinely carries out a task in a swift and effective manner. Taking the task out of the user’s hands means there is one less step in the workflow and a precious reduction in process time.

Along with time savings, your company will also experience other advantages when automation is implemented. The time saved by automating the task gives your employees capacity to complete higher-value work, such as problem solving and product development. Automation also allows you to regulate the completion of the task, meaning there is no variation in the quality of output. This helps to avoid human error and natural inconsistencies.

If It Doesn’t Exist, Create It!

In many circumstances, there is a reason why the repetitive, time-consuming task existed in the workflow — there is no other solution. But, just because a solution doesn’t already exist, that doesn’t mean it can’t be created. While it may be daunting to consider the development of a new product or program, it is an opportunity for your company to thrive.

Sure, you will be faced with an initial investment in the solution, but this will be offset by the future time and cost savings created by the decision to automate the task. Perhaps the most exciting result of building the solution, however, is the competitive advantage it gives your business. With a program designed and built uniquely for your requirements, you are equipped with a secret weapon that none of your competitors possess.

Carefully Consider Your Needs

The solution to this task is all yours: designed for your team, owned by your company, and used for your benefit. With this in mind, it is essential that you take the time to consider exactly what you need. Speak to your staff who carry out the task every day and ask them:

  • How they complete the task.
  • What difficulties they face.
  • What they take into consideration.
  • What the correct output looks like.

These important factors will form the basis of the program, so really investigate what your team needs and what the task involves. Regular testing can take place during the development of the product, but the process will be expedited by giving the developers a clear set of requirements at the start of the project.

A Solution for BBC Journalists

Isotoma recently worked with the BBC, designing and building a solution for their journalists. They found producing graphics and images for every article had become a time-consuming task, one which made the process of producing an article longer than necessary.

Our team got to work on the development of an intuitive program that allowed journalists to produce these graphics quickly. To prevent journalists from having to adjust the graphics for each channel, we designed the program to produce multiple images. Instead of one output that has to be manually manipulated, the tool produces responsively sized images, HTML, or envelopes to be used on the BBC’s website, apps, and external publishers, like news aggregators.

In producing this tool, we removed the task from the journalists’ workflow, ensuring that their process was more efficient. The result not only benefited the BBC, but also satisfied the journalists, who were glad to avoid the repetitive task and increase their productivity.

Remove Repetitive Tasks from Your Workflow

By eliminating those pesky, frustrating tasks with an automated system, you can significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of your business and staff.

Isotoma designs solutions that reduce duplication of effort across workflows, taking your individual requirements into account to develop a unique solution. If you have a repetitive task that could be replaced by an automated tool, we’d love to help, so get in touch with our team today.