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Optimise the Cost of Your Cloud Operations with an AWS Well-Architected Review

Businesses are always searching for ways to increase income and maximise profits. They have many options; some involve risky investment and some may not be popular with customers. If you are looking for a safe tactic that boosts your finances without disrupting the status quo, the answer is cost optimisation. This risk-free discipline can have a significant impact on your margins.

By performing a thorough analysis of your company’s expenditure, it is possible to identify areas where savings can be made. This means assessing:

  • The cost of the products you purchase.
  • The necessity of paid-for platforms and programs.
  • If internal processes can be automated or digitalised.
  • The contracts and deals you have with suppliers.

The reduction in expenditure enlarges profit margins, and sees your bank balance improve even without an increase in your business’ topline.

To ensure its customers are not spending more than necessary on their AWS infrastructure, Amazon Web Services has set out well-defined standards for best practice in the design and implementation of cloud operations, known as the Well-Architected Framework.

The Fifth Pillar: Cost Optimisation

AWS infrastructures that do not conform with best practice can be costly and will start eating into a business’ profits. That is why cost optimisation is the fifth pillar of Amazon’s Well-Architected Framework.

As an Amazon Web Services Well-Architected Partner, Isotoma works with businesses just like yours to optimise their costs. Our experienced team of cloud architects will evaluate your AWS implementation and identify areas where costs can be cut.

By completing a comprehensive review of your AWS implementation, we will help you to avoid or eliminate unneeded cost or suboptimal resources.

Arrange Your Free AWS Well-Architected Review

The Well-Architected Programme is funded by Amazon, meaning our review — and up to five days of work spent carrying out our recommendations — are completely free.

If you’ve heard enough and want to arrange your free Well-Architected Review, simply get in touch. Otherwise, read on to learn how our review will help your business optimise its costs.

The Design Principles of Cost Optimisation

The experienced cloud architects at Isotoma will use their expertise in the design principles of cost optimisation to conduct a comprehensive review that evaluates your implementation to identify where financial savings can be made.

Adopt a Consumption Model

Isotoma can ensure you pay only for the computing resources you consume, and help you increase or decrease usage depending on business requirement, not with elaborate forecasting. For example, development and test environments are typically only used for eight hours a day during the work week. You can stop these resources when they’re not in use, creating a potential cost saving of 75%.

Measure Overall Efficiency

During a Well-Architected Review, we can measure the business output of your system and the costs associated with delivering it. We’ll then use this measure to understand the gains you make from increasing output and reducing cost.

Stop Spending Money on Data Centre Operations

We’ll let you focus on your customers and business projects by ensuring AWS is doing the heavy lifting of racking, stacking, and powering servers.

Analyse and Attribute Expenditure

Using the cloud, we can accurately identify the usage and cost of systems, which then allows transparent attribution of IT costs to revenue streams and individual business owners. This empowers you to measure return on investment (ROI) and gives you an opportunity to optimise your resources and reduce costs.

Use Managed Services to Reduce Cost of Ownership

The Isotoma team will facilitate your access to managed services. In the cloud, managed services remove the operational burden of maintaining servers for tasks like sending emails or managing databases. Since managed services operate at cloud scale, they can offer a lower cost per transaction or service.

See How You Could Optimise the Cost of Your Cloud Operations with a Free AWS Well-Architected Review

If you’re interested in optimising the cost of your AWS implementation with a free Well-Architected Review, we’d love to hear from you.