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Finding a Software Development Agency that Fits

Companies in search of a software development agency to collaborate with are faced with myriad options, and the task of finding the right partner can be daunting. Get it right, and your ideas will be brought to life by passionate professionals who understand your vision. Get it wrong, and you will likely endure a long, painful, and expensive affair.

Choosing the right agency to work with means considering many different things. Does their working culture fold seamlessly with your company’s? Do you have similar expectations of what is feasible? Do you have the same vision and end goal in mind?

Below, we’ve highlighted the tell-tale signs that your company has found the right agency for building your software and developing your product.

An Impressive Portfolio of Work and Reviews

Do your due diligence. There is so much you can learn about an agency by undertaking some simple research. Reading testimonials and online reviews from their previous clients is a good place to start. Delve deeper than the agency’s website — they are unlikely to publicise negative comments — and head to business review platforms like Clutch.

What you can find on the agency’s website, however, are examples of their previous work. Investigate these projects; assess and analyse the end result and ask yourself if it meets your own standards. From the agency’s portfolio, you can also determine if their previous work is similar to the project you have in mind and if their experience covers the expertise needed to deliver.

A good agency will have a wealth of positive reviews from satisfied customers and a demonstrable portfolio of top-quality work.

Taking the Time to Understand

Once you’ve found an agency with the experience you require and a portfolio that impresses, the next step is a face-to-face meeting. Like the beginning of any working relationship, the early stages of your collaboration should be spent getting to know each other and developing a shared understanding of the project. Too many agencies dismiss the process of learning about the client and their company in favour of rushing to get started. This demonstrates a lack of care and often results in clashes and conflicts later in the project.

The sign of a conscientious, committed agency that takes pride in its work is a determination to understand their client, what their company stands for, and what the project entails — no matter how much time it takes. When you find an agency that is generous with their time, you feel truly valued.

Consultation, Collaboration, and Communication

After the initial feeling out process is complete and the project moves to its next stage, some agencies have a tendency to distance themselves from the client. This tactic gives them the opportunity to complete the project how they want to, in line with their ideas, and at a pace that suits them. This self-serving behaviour is not indicative of the collaborative and consultative approach that results in projects being executed correctly.

Any agency worth dealing with will stay in regular contact and work with you to determine how the project should be completed and how to achieve the best end result. Throughout the process, they will keep you updated on their progress and consult with you when options are available. After all, this is a collaboration, not a solo project.

The Isotoma Way

Isotoma makes it a priority to work closely with clients, particularly in the early stages. Developing a full and detailed understanding of the client’s culture, operations, goals, and project is crucial to the way we do business. The collaborative spirit of a joint project is maintained throughout, and any decisions are made in partnership with the client.

The culture and values of our agency are extremely important to us, and we never waver from our commitment to working in the Isotoma way. This approach is welcomed by our clients, who recognise that our passion for their project is hard to find elsewhere.

A great example of the Isotoma way of working came in 2016, when we worked with Iomart on the development of a simple graphic interface that allowed their customers to configure, manage, and deploy their own services. During the early stages, we endeavoured to fully understand their project, and our approach was welcomed by Iomart’s Managing Director, Neil Christie. He said:

“We went to three or four digital agencies and it became very clear that we needed someone who understood the vision and goals. When the team at Isotoma were finishing my sentences and asking questions that we hadn’t even considered, we knew we’d found a real partner.”

Choose an Agency You Can Trust

If you are looking for a software development agency to bring your vision to fruition, contact the team at Isotoma. We’d love to find out more about your project and see how we can help you reach your goals.