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Achieve Operational Excellence with an AWS Well-Architected Review

Building a business is like building a house. If you lack the proper foundation, even the grandest design is bound to fall down eventually.

For your business, a crucial part of that foundation is operational excellence; something every business strives for, but something that can’t be achieved overnight.

Instead, operational excellence is an ongoing effort. Every success and failure is an opportunity for your business to refine processes, improve operations, and derive insights that make you better prepared and more responsive when the next opportunity arises.

The same approach applies to the cloud architecture powering your business and its products. That’s why Amazon Web Services sets out well-defined standards for best practice in the design and implementation of cloud operations, known as the Well-Architected Framework.

The First Pillar: Operational Excellence

The success of your business depends on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations, so it’s no surprise that the first pillar of the Well-Architected Framework is Operational Excellence.

As an AWS Well-Architected Partner, Isotoma is equipped to conduct Well-Architected Reviews that evaluate whether your AWS implementations comply with the best practices defined within the Well-Architected Framework.

In doing so, we’ll ensure you’re building architectures that provide insight into their status, operate effectively and efficiently, respond capably to events, and continue to improve and support your business goals.

Arrange Your Free AWS Well-Architected Review

The Well-Architected Programme is funded by Amazon, meaning our review – and up to five days of work spent carrying out our recommendations – are completely free.

If you’ve heard enough and want to arrange your free Well-Architected Review, simply get in touch. Otherwise, read on to learn how our review will help your business achieve operational excellence.

The Design Principles of Operational Excellence

We’ll use our expertise in the design principles of operational excellence to conduct a comprehensive review that evaluates your implementation to discover areas for improvement.

Take a Software-first Approach

In the cloud, it’s possible to apply the same engineering discipline used for application code to your entire environment. As software developers at heart, this is where the Isotoma team excels. By performing operations as code, it’s possible to limit human error and enable consistent responses to events.

Create Better Documentation, Faster

In an on-premises environment, documentation is created by hand, which can be difficult to keep updated. As part of our review, we’ll identify ways of automating annotated documentation after every build, or automatically annotating hand-crafted documentation. This not only increases efficiency, but can be used by both humans and systems.

Make Frequent, Small, Reversible Changes

We’ll ensure you’re designing workloads that allow components to be updated regularly, increasing the flow of beneficial changes into your workload. By facilitating changes in small increments, it’s possible to reverse failures, which also aids in identifying and resolving issues introduced to your environment – without affecting customers.

Refine Operations Procedures Frequently

As you use operations procedures, it’s essential to look for opportunities to improve them. Isotoma can help you evolve procedures to keep pace with changes to your workload. We can also review and validate that all your procedures are effective.

Anticipate Failure

We’ll work with you to identify potential sources of failure so that they can be removed or mitigated. This includes testing your failure scenarios and validating your understanding of their impact. We’ll also test your response procedures to ensure they are effective and that teams are familiar with their execution.

Learn from All Operational Failures

We’ll help you learn from operational failures to drive improvement. By sharing what is learned across teams in the organisation, you’ll improve resilience and be more prepared the next time an unexpected problem strikes.

See How You Could Achieve Operational Excellence with a Free AWS Well-Architected Review

If you’re interested in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your AWS implementation with a free Well-Architected Review, we’d love to hear from you.