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Facebook advertising

We’ve been running a Facebook “social ad” for Forkd for the last few days. I’ve been interested in what Facebook advertising could do for our customers for a while, and thought that the best way to find out was to try it for ourselves. Some interesting things have arisen from it, too:

  • It’s a very simple ad format – hard to really make compelling. Despite that, and having made little effort in the ad design, we’re getting 1 in 2,000 click throughs, which feels to me like a good number.
  • We’re getting roughly 1 new account sign up for every 8 clicks. Again, this feels like a good number. Both of these make me think that a good advert well targetted on Facebook is definitely worth the money.
  • Side effects were the discovery that our click throughs dropped by 50% over the weekend, but that the sign up rate improved to 1 in 4. From this, I guess, we can infer that a) Facebook is primarily a work diversionary tactic, and b) people in that diversionary mode are clicking with less purpose

All in all then? I’ll be recommending that customers do it, but I’d ask them to think about only running campaigns at the weekends, particularly if the landing page from a click requires a little reading for the reader to understand the benefits.