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Favourite Firefox plugins

It’s worth choosing carefully which extensions you install, since too many of them will definitely slow down Firefox and use up memory. Here are the ones I rely on every day:
Firebug. Simply the most indispensible tool for the web developer. One of those rare applications that you love more every time you use it.
FireFTP. Not only will I never need a standalone FTP application anymore, but this actually outperforms any I’ve ever used.
Tab Mix Plus, mainly for the Session Manager. I typically have 3-4 FF windows open, one for each project or aspect of a project, and many tabs in each. It’s imperative that I retain this from one day to the next. Session Manager can reload the last session, or the one before that, or save any number of sessions to a particular name.
Web Developer toolbar. Before Firebug, this would’ve been #1. A lot of its functionality is supplanted by Firebug, but it still has many useful tools and some handy keyboard shortcuts, e.g. Ctrl-Shift-S Toggle CSS, Ctrl-Shift-E Edit CSS and Ctrl-Shift-A Validate HTML. It’s also great for evaluating accessibility.
Netvouz buttons. This is my online bookmark manager. For why I use it instead of, see my comment (the 5th one) on this review.
Pearl Crescent Page Saver Basic. I need it for one simple reason only: making snapshots of web pages longer than the screen. The basic (free) version creates a PNG on the desktop; the pro version will copy the snapshot to the clipboard.
ColorZilla. It has a lot of functionality that I don’t use, but I find it the quickest way to read colour values off web pages. (I’d need Photoshop open otherwise.)
What are yours, and why?