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Kubernetes migration for Pebble

We helped this education SaaS provider move its services into a Kubernetes cluster and cut its hosting bill by more than 80%.

Pebble is a specialist provider of software-as-a-service to schools. Thousands of them use its Fund Manager to track income and expenditure for trips and projects. And its innovative Arro software is helping schools find grants and develop their services as they adapt to changes in funding models.

Building on success

In 2011, we helped Pebble develop a new version of Fund Manager, taking it from a Windows desktop application to an online SaaS product. Pebble’s in-house development team has continued to develop the platform since then.

In 2017, they got back in touch with us and asked if we could help rationalise and improve the management of the service, now hosted in AWS. Over the years, Fund Manager had become more successful, but Pebble saw costs spiralling and complexity increasing.

A lesson in cloud architecture

We conducted a detailed review of the capacity, performance and operation of Pebble’s entire estate. We then developed an architecture that would cut their AWS bill by more than 80%, migrating their many services into a Kubernetes cluster and drastically simplifying configuration and release.

Working with Pebble’s development team, we managed the migration project, completing it on time and budget, and achieving the projected cost saving. We have since been providing expert cloud architecture advice and ongoing management of the platform, helping to ensure it delivers the service their customers depend on.

Technologies: AWS and Kubernetes
Duration: 3 months
Team size: 2 devs
Hosted: AWS

Our internal team didn’t know what cost savings could be made by utilising Kubernetes. They didn’t have enough experience with AWS to simplify our system and make it more efficient. When we invited Isotoma to conduct a review, I was gobsmacked at the savings they said could be made. We covered the cost of their work within a year. I wish I’d done it sooner!

Ryan Green, Managing Director

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