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A cornerstone of fast, scalable web applications

Node.js has been at the core of our business since its release in 2009. And we’re not alone — companies like Airbnb, Uber and LinkedIn use it to build web applications because it’s:


Designed for the web with its real-time data transfer requirements.


Can handle millions of I/O connections with high throughput, so it’s perfect for apps with lots of simultaneous users.

JavaScript everywhere

Our developers can build back-end applications using the same language they use for the front-end and everywhere else — JavaScript.

A cornerstone of our success

Our business was founded on open-source technology in the early 2000s — before many enterprises would seriously consider it. Today, we’re proud to recommend Node.js for clients like BBC R&D, NBC Universal, Iomart and Wilmington Group. Read our case study to see how we designed and built a new graphics tool for the journalists and editors at BBC News.

Node.js for serverless computing

We’ve helped many of our clients save money and increase agility by doing away with permanent servers for their applications. Node.js is perfect for serverless computing: it’s one of the four languages supported by AWS Lambda — the most popular serverless platform on the web — and works with Amazon DynamoDB, the fast, scalable NoSQL database as a service.

Put our best foot forward

Whether it's converting your software to a web-based application, working on a groundbreaking idea, or maximising your cloud-based capacity, Isotoma is experienced with creating boundary pushing solutions for the web. Contact us today to see how we can help:


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