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Applications are better in containers

Isotoma is one of a tiny number of Kubernetes Certified Service Providers in the UK (one of 10 in June 2019), and less than 100 worldwide. That means we’re recognised for our real-world experience and expertise in helping our customers get the best from Kubernetes.

Making the most of the cloud

Organisations host their applications in the cloud because they want to reduce costs, increase resilience and improve developer agility. Containerisation in the cloud — orchestrated through Kubernetes — is the best way to achieve that for any application that isn’t already truly serverless. By distributing clusters across multiple availability zones and through careful use of autoscaling our customers can slash their hosting bills while dramatically increasing their uptime and fault tolerance, and giving their development teams the environments they need.

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Some of our Kubernetes projects

  • Pebble
  • Sony Music

Our services

  • Migration and replatforming: We specialise in taking existing workloads and migrating them to managed Kubernetes clusters at AWS. We work with your teams to introduce containers and to push running applications up to AWS
  • Architecture review and support: Our team of Kubernetes Certified Systems Administrators are available to help you make the most of Kubernetes. If you’ve already started on your Kubernetes journey but would like advice and guidance on optimising what you’ve already got we can help
  • Integration with your software development lifecycle: A key benefit of containerisation is increased developer agility. But to achieve that containers — and Kubernetes — have to be embedded within your Software Development Life Cycle. Our development background means we’re ideally placed to help you put these things in place
  • Operational management: We’re running large clusters that serve hundreds of thousands of users every day. Let us help build and operate your environment, letting you focus on the things that you do best
  • Kubernetes and Amazon EKS: Our specialist Wagtail hosting product — TrustServe — delivers millions of pages a month from a highly available EKS cluster. Our real-world experience of EKS will help you make the most of this service from Amazon


  • Developed by Google
  • Owned by Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  • Adopted by AWS, Azure and GCP

Containerisation with Isotoma

There is an easy migration path from virtualised environments into containers, and the benefits are huge.

We’ve helped dozens of customers — including Pebble, Sony Music and various NHS trusts — move from on-premises or existing cloud environments to a containerised cluster on AWS. Our services range from advice and training through a fully managed migration, and our library of tools and integrations helps deliver a full production stack based on a Kubernetes cluster.

Put our best foot forward

Whether it's converting your software to a web-based application, working on a groundbreaking idea, or maximising your cloud-based capacity, Isotoma is experienced with creating boundary pushing solutions for the web. Contact us today to see how we can help:


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