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Get more from your AWS hosting

Our customers choose to host their applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) because it offers incredible scale, availability and security at a much lower cost than traditional hosting.

We’re an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with a team of Certified Solutions Architects, and we’ve been using AWS to host migrated and newly built applications since 2014.

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Some of our AWS customers

  • Pebble
  • Ecrebo
  • Iomart

Why choose Isotoma for AWS?

Unlike many consultancies, all our cloud architects are experienced software developers. This means we understand how your development teams work and can deliver the right tools to make their experience as frictionless as possible.

We let AWS handle the traditional infrastructure problems like cabling, cooling and RAID arrays, while we focus on empowering developers to release safely and often.

We offer a range of AWS services — get in touch to find out more:


Whether you’re considering AWS, already in the cloud, or looking to upskill your team we can help:

  • Prepare for a move to the cloud with one of our cloud readiness assessments
  • Identify cost savings and maximise your ROI with a review of our existing cloud environment and processes. Read how we helped Pebble save 80% on its AWS bill
  • Review your existing architecture (according to Amazon’s Well Architected Framework) to ensure that you have the best possible solution both now and moving forward
  • Transform your technical teams into cloud professions with our support and training
  • Design and build truly cloud native applications, like HAPPI


Looking to move your line-of-business applications to the cloud? Our cloud-expert DevOps specialists can rehost, replatform and refactor as necessary to meet your business objectives. Your app will be more reliable, more scalable and cheaper to run. We’ve helped businesses like Sony Music, Ecrebo and SkillsForge move key applications from traditional hosting providers to AWS, slashing their costs and improving their reliability at the same time.


We can operate your cloud environment, liaising day-to-day with your development teams and taking responsibility for security, availability, capacity management and costs.

Cost optimisation

With the ability to spin up infrastructure in one click, many first-generation cloud deployments can have runaway costs. This is often because they’re not built with the cloud in mind.

We can recommend more appropriate AWS services that radically reduce costs while improving scalability and the developer experience. Read our case study to see how we helped SaaS provider Pebble save 80% on its AWS bill using Kubernetes.

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Well-Architected Review

We’re one of a tiny number of partners that are part of the Well-Architected Review Program. That means that you can ask us to carry out a review of your AWS infrastructure for free, and Amazon will fund up to 5 days of our expert architect’s time to implement any recommendations that review might uncover. Read our dedicated page that explains this service in more detail.

Get in touch

If you’re considering a move to AWS or think we can help out with your existing infrastructure give us a call on 01904 313 969 or drop us a line at We’re always happy to talk about anything AWS.

Put our best foot forward

Whether it's converting your software to a web-based application, working on a groundbreaking idea, or maximising your cloud-based capacity, Isotoma is experienced with creating boundary pushing solutions for the web. Contact us today to see how we can help:


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