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Code Coverage in Testing

Getting an idea of much code your test covers varies in how complex your code is. I have found […]

Posted on 3rd October 2009 by

Google Contact API

I`m quite a Google fan and enjoying playing with their APIs. For me one of the big attractions of Google […]

Posted on 27th September 2009 by

Memcached in 2 Minutes

So you need to use memcached with Python? Below is a brief intro. First install everything you need. I run […]

Posted on 21st September 2009 by

Facebook advertising

We’ve been running a Facebook “social ad” for Forkd for the last few days. I’ve been interested in what Facebook […]

Sleevenotez and the Beeb

Rather a long time ago Tristan of BBC Audio R&D announced public accounts for the 4 main BBC music […]

Agile operational deployment

An interesting article on non-functional testing as part of a test chain. Automated testing is absolutely core to successful agile […]