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Category Archives: Misc

Favourite Firefox plugins

It’s worth choosing carefully which extensions you install, since too many of them will definitely slow down Firefox and use […]

Firefox keywords and Trac

Going firmly in the ‘you learn something new every day’ bracket… Karen just pointed the office in the direction of […]

Astroturf must die

Astroturfing attempt (by a charity, even) unmasked on MetaFilter. Merciless. This comment (by a MeFi moderator), addressed to the guilty […]

Xen and the Gutsy Gibbon

We have recently started experimenting with Xen, but iIt has not been a pain free experience. Read on for my procedure for installing Gutsy as both dom0 and domU.


Just came across L’enclume’s delectable little website. HTML pretending to be Flash, with all the advantages of HTML. Search-engine friendly, […]

Calling in the Troll Whisperer

We’ve talked before about the trouble handling the inevitable poison that comes with successful online communities, particularly for businesses who […]

IE7 Were they ready?

An interesting study of how well some major UK sites cope with IE7. IE7 was pushed onto Auto Updates yesterday, […]