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Author Archives: Francois Jordaan

Why mobile last?

Why are most developers still not working mobile first? I share some reasons from my own experiences.

Thinking about wireframes

Despite their weaknesses, I think wireframes are still unavoidable for UX practitioners, especially those of us working in digital agencies. But they don’t have to be so limiting.

Hold the hamburger

Many sites are hiding their navigation under a single button. Here’s why most of them should stop it.

Two accessibility gotchas

You may not realise that dynamic popups and field help descriptions in your websites are usually inaccessible to screen reader users.

UX Lx: Day 1

Summary of Day 1 of the UX Lx conference in Lisbon, Portugal. With Todd Zaki Warfel, Andrew Watterson, Pedro Fernandes and Josh Clark.

Improving Harvest using seductive interactions

In Stephen Anderson’s UXLx workshop “Seductive Interactions”, we used his “Mental Notes”, each of which describe a psychological principle designers can take advantage of, to generate ideas to improve the Harvest time tracker. This is what we came up with.

Twitter redesign: first impressions

Five days ago I lambasted for design flaws and lack of improvement. With remarkable timing, they have just taken the covers off their redesign. I rate how they’ve fared against my criticisms.