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Author Archives: Andy Theyers

On what to do with downtime

There’s a fascinating post over at TCUK today about agencies building their own applications. We even get a mention in […]

We’re hiring

We’re looking for developers ASAP, due to a quick burst of new work. If you (or anyone you know) is […]

Facebook advertising

We’ve been running a Facebook “social ad” for Forkd for the last few days. I’ve been interested in what Facebook […]

KSS and Firebug

I’m just playing with KSS for the first time properly today – a quick note for myself and anyone else […]

Search vs. URL

Watching the TV last night I saw an advert for EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) which instead of giving a URL […]

Sleevenotez and the Beeb

Rather a long time ago Tristan of BBC Audio R&D announced public accounts for the 4 main BBC music […]