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AWS Advanced Consulting Partners: Trust the Migration Experts

Whether you need a plumber to install your new bathroom or a cloud computing specialist to migrate your software, if you want the job done right you should always choose an expert.

Expertise can be assessed in many ways. You can analyse a company’s previous work, or read reviews from their past customers. One enduring measure, though, is certification.

To achieve certification, an individual or business must meet certain criteria and often prove their ability. Whereas one-off jobs can be done well, leading to impressive case studies and testimonials, certifications demonstrate a depth of knowledge and consistent ability.

When it comes to migrating your application to Amazon Web Services, the gold standard of certification is AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status.

What makes an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner?

AWS describes its Consulting Partners as:

Professional services firms that help customers of all types and sizes design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS, accelerating their journey to the cloud.

These partners are verified and trusted by AWS to assist companies in moving to the cloud and accessing all the benefits it has to offer. In some cases, when a business is interested in migrating, Amazon will directly recommend one or more of their Consulting Partners to the business to help with the move.

How Do You Become One?

As you might expect from a world-renowned brand, AWS sets high standards for firms that want to become Consulting Partners. These standards fall into three categories:

  • Knowledge Requirements

A firm is required to have at least eight AWS-accredited individuals within their team (we’ve got 18 in total, but that’s just showing off!).

  • Experience Requirements

AWS requires its Advanced Consulting Partners to have completed at least twenty ‘launched opportunities’ in the past 12 months — AWS projects that your company has undertaken — with a monthly recurring revenue of more than $10,000.

  • Customer Service Requirements

All AWS Consulting Partners must be able to publicly reference at least two customers, and have received at least twenty customer satisfaction responses.

How Can I Find One?

You can use the AWS ‘Find an APN Partner’ page. Using its filters, you can find a partner by your industry, a use case example, or AWS product. If you’re looking for a specific company — like Isotoma Limited, for example — you can use the search function.

Ecrebo Chose AWS Advanced Consulting Partners, Isotoma

The Isotoma team is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, and we have many years’ experience of designing, migrating, and supporting software on cloud services. That’s why, when Ecrebo was searching for a firm to migrate their mountain of data to the cloud, Isotoma was one of the agencies recommended to them.

Alongside our AWS certification, it was our collaborative, consultative approach that ultimately made us Ecrebo’s first choice.

Rely on the Isotoma Experts

Isotoma is one of just 144 AWS Advanced Consulting Partners headquartered in the UK. We’re committed to introducing customers to the cloud and building infrastructures that give them the opportunity to experience all the benefits of life in the cloud.

If you want to discuss how a move to the AWS cloud platform would improve your software or application, we’d love to help, so get in touch with the experts today.