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How a Cloud Migration Helps You Cope with Increased Demand

Everyone wants their software to be popular, with a growing, loyal user base that relies on it every day. As your usership grows so does your income. But not all the side effects are positive.

When more and more people start using your software it places a heavy strain on your infrastructure as it tries to cope with the increased demand. If your infrastructure is strong, well-built, and scalable, surges in demand will go by unnoticed. If it isn’t, you’ll probably experience regular downtime that affects your revenue and your reputation.

To strengthen your infrastructure you should consider migrating to the cloud. Here’s why.

Find True Scalability in the Cloud

When your software’s infrastructure is powered by bare-metal servers, you’re limited by their capacity. When demand exceeds the capacity of those servers they fail, meaning your software does too.

The only way to increase your capacity is to purchase either more physical servers or more server space — a heavy upfront fee, especially if surges in demand are rare. 

One key principle of the cloud is scalability. Cloud services give users the ability to increase and reduce the capacity of their infrastructure at any time. So, if usage of your software is periodic or decreases overnight you can scale back your capacity – and your costs – when it’s not needed, and boost it during busy periods.

You also have the ability to scale fast; some providers allow you to change capacity at the click of a button, while others will scale up capacity automatically to meet demand (within pre-agreed limits).

Just Being in the Cloud Isn’t Enough

Even if your software is already in the cloud that doesn’t guarantee it has the ability to cope with either temporary or sustained increases in demand. What it does guarantee you, however, is that you have the potential to cope.

If you’re not sure why your cloud infrastructure isn’t delivering the capacity your software needs, ask an expert to carry out an assessment. 

The Isotoma team are specialists in cloud computing, and we’d be happy to take a look at your system and identify potential areas of improvement.

Strengthening the NOW Music Plus Infrastructure

After a Christmas Day advert led to demand issues, Sony Music contacted Isotoma to strengthen the cloud infrastructure of its application, NOW Music Plus.

Although the application was already hosted with Amazon Web Services, the infrastructure hadn’t been optimised, which caused it to slow significantly when traffic suddenly increased.

After a thorough assessment we used our experience in AWS operations to build a new infrastructure that utilised performance efficiency best practice. As a result NOW Music Plus has the cloud-based backing to continue playing music for its ever-growing membership.

Built on Demand to Cope with Demand

If your software has experienced problems when faced with high demand and you find yourself receiving regular complaints over downtime there’s no better time to improve your application’s infrastructure.

As AWS Advanced Consulting Partners and specialists in building cloud infrastructures we have the expertise to build the cloud infrastructure you need, or optimise your existing structure to accommodate high demand.

Take the first step toward ending your demand-based problems by contacting the Isotoma team today