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So, You’ve Moved to the Cloud: What Now?

You’ve done it! Your software as a service company has never been in a better place now that you’re residing in the cloud. Making the move from slow, outdated servers to the land of the server-less is a strategic decision that future-proofs your business and your product.

As the new owner of a place in the cloud, you will immediately notice a series of benefits. Firstly, your software will be more reliable. Unlike your previous setup, the cloud does not rely on every server to function; if one server is down, another will take its place, meaning your software is operating at all times.

Another instantaneous benefit your company will experience is vastly improved security. The safety of data and information is one of the main focuses of cloud hosts. Every aspect of your data security is monitored and updated, and data encryption is used to prevent any form of unauthorised access.

Other advantages of life in the cloud include instant access to your data, the ability to monitor data at any time, simple data backup and recovery, and easy mobile access.

We’re sure you’re already aware of these benefits — if you’re not, we’d be happy to tell you more about them — and that you’re now actually wondering “what next?” Well, as a member of the cloud, there is a lot you can do to give your company a competitive advantage.

Scale Rapidly and Flexibly

The demand for usage of your software is always changing. It may differ by season or time of day, or in an entirely unpredictable way. For software sustained by your own server solution, periods of high usage can lead to unsustainable pressure being placed on the servers and, eventually, the software falling down.

In the cloud, however, you can rapidly scale up or down to accommodate increased demand. Cloud services make it easy for your company to purchase additional capacity for your application as and when it is required. If the demand on your software is periodic or seasonal, this flexibility will be vital. Without the cloud, your business would have to spend substantial capital to increase capacity for even the shortest period of time. With the cloud, you only pay for what you need for how long you need it.

Make Use of the Cloud’s Managed Services

Monitoring and maintaining servers for daily IT management tasks and managing databases places a significant operational burden on your business. Imagine if you could lift this weight off your shoulders and pass it onto someone else? In the cloud, managed services providers are happy to bear the burden. By outsourcing these roles, you increase the capacity of your team to perform other jobs, leaving the expert providers to look after your cloud operations.

Utilising managed services in the cloud can also save you money. If your IT team is employed to maintain your cloud infrastructure, outsourcing the responsibility can save you thousands every year. And, as managed services operate at cloud scale, they can offer a lower cost per transaction or service.

Turn Off Unused Resources

When your software is subject to regular peaks and dips in demand, or periods when it isn’t being used at all, having to pay to keep servers running 24/7 is frustrating. Now you’ve moved to the cloud, that isn’t the case.

The cloud gives you extensive control over your operations and resources, including the ability to turn them off at any time. If you know they won’t be needed, then why keep them turned on?

Studies have shown that businesses saved nearly 65% of the cost of deploying non-production workloads by turning off resources outside the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

Helping Pebble Make the Most of Life in the Cloud

In 2017, we helped Pebble, an education SaaS provider, take advantage of the various features the cloud has to offer. The result was a staggering reduction in costs.

To begin, we conducted a detailed review of the capacity, performance, and operation of Pebble’s entire estate. We then developed an architecture that would cut their AWS bill by more than 80%, migrating their many services into a Kubernetes cluster and drastically simplifying configuration and release.

Ryan Green, managing director at Pebble, said: “When we invited Isotoma to conduct a review, I was gobsmacked at the savings they said could be made. We covered the cost of their work within a year. I wish I’d done it sooner!”

Enjoy All the Benefits of the Cloud

Having successfully moved to the cloud, it is time for your SaaS company to really get the best out of your new serverless home. In the early stages, it can be difficult to understand all that the cloud has to offer, and mistakes are easily made.

Isotoma is a reputable cloud consultancy firm with extensive knowledge of the cloud. With the assistance of our cloud experts, you can rest assured that your implementation is utilising all the right features to run efficiently and cost-effectively. To find out just how much room for improvement there is, contact our team today.