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Big thanks to Rapidswitch

Our server ISP is RapidSwitch. It’s unfortunate, but most ISPs are pretty poor – there aren’t enough good people to go around, margins are very tight and it’s just the kind of work where it’s hard to keep good people. Last night RapidSwitch showed that at least not all ISPs are poor.

Because of the OpenSSL issues yesterday, we chose to reboot all of our servers last night, to ensure every service was using the new SSL code. A new kernel image came down too yesterday, and a number of our machines had the updated kernel.

We rebooted a number of machines on one cluster simultaneously… and they didn’t come back. We requested a KVM session, but in the meantime one of RapidSwitch’s engineers had noticed 4 of our machines were down simultaneously, so he went and took a look. Proactivity!

He worked out what had happened, and raised a ticket for us, telling us that the new Debian kernel was incompatible with our Network Cards. We asked him to manually boot the machines into the previous kernel, and they came back up without a hitch. Clue!

He then said RapidSwitch were aware of this issue and they were offering a free PCI network card to anyone who needed them. Planning!

Frankly this is unheard of in my experience. Massively well done guys – that’s what I call service.